Microplane - Home Series


Microplane - Home Series

Microplane® refreshes its popular Home Series paddle-shaped, hand-held graters with a new handle design that provides greater comfort, stability, and durability. The new handle design combines a comfortable, soft touch material with an overlay of stronger, molded plastic with subtle ribbing for a more secure grip. Extraordinarily sharp and engineered to retain its high-performance sharpness longer, Microplane blades are renowned for creating superior zest and grating hard and soft foods with unparalleled ease and speed.
There are three grating options to choose from: Fine, Medium Ribbon  and Extra Coarse.

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Microplane - Extra Coarse Grater - Home Series - red

Product no.: 44138

Microplane - Extra Coarse Grater - Home Series - Ideal for quickly grating root vegetables like potatoes, onions and carrots...

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