Microplane - Apple peeler 2 in 1

Microplane - Apple peeler 2 in 1

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Microplane - Apple peeler 2 in 1

The apple peeler 2 in 1 has a sharp, toothed blade, which allows you to precisely correct fruits with ease. To peel apples, carrots or potatoes, there is also a peeler at the handle.

Product Description/Characteristics

  • Toothed, half-bared blade allows easy coreing
  • Sharp cutting edges, which facilitate the coreing
  • Sharp peeling blade at the end of the handle for easy peeling
  • Non-slip grip for stability and comfort
  • 2 protective caps
  • Dishwasher suitable / protective caps Handwash

This fairly new series provides a fresh new design approach to one of the most frequently used food preparation tools. It was launched, with two items, the Microplane® Pizza Wheel that guarantee effortless ease and precisionfor food preparation. The latest addition to this series is a revolutionary Herb Mill that allows home cooks and professionals to effortlessly chop fresh herbs.


It all comes down to one thing – Microplane® kitchen tools are extremely sharp. The tiny razor-like cutting edges cut  food without ripping, tearing or shredding which preserves and intensifies the food’s aroma and flavor. While most manufactures rely on clumsy metal stamping to produce inefficient cutting edges, Microplane® creates precise, razor-sharp teeth utilizing their signature chemical etching process.

With this technology, Microplane® developed an extensive range of kitchen products that make cooking a breeze. Zesting, grating, and slicing become efficient, effortless, and just plain fun with a Microplane® grater. Many professional chefs, restaurateurs and cooking enthusiasts all over the world use the revolutionary Microplane® graters to tame their kitchen work, and are stunned by its sharpness!

The following series constitute the Microplane® kitchen line:  Premium Classic Series, Gourmet Series, Professional Series, Speciatly Series and the Easy Prep Series.

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